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Our Portal FAQ

Can I switch from Standard to Enterprise?

You can change your account status from Standard to Enterprise any time without losing any data or having to pay again for upgraded accounts.

In addition, Maabot system will automatically check all available payout partners and reconnect immediately without any delays or problems. All new addons will be available will be available for you once upgrade has been completed.

How secure is the portal

Todoist employs a 24/7 engineering operations team that maintains up-to-date firewall protection, intrusion detection, and access control audits on multiple levels. All communication to and from Maaboot servers is fully SSL-encrypted with a 256-bit, bank-standard key. We never access user data and we never pass it to third-parties.

We use Digital Ocean (DO) servers to host all user data. AWS data centers undergo annual certifications to ensure they meet the highest standards of physical and virtual security (more details here).

Connect to other platforms

You can change your account status from Premium to Business any time without losing any data or having to pay again for upgraded accounts.

In addition, Todoist’s system will automatically check if you or any invited accounts are Premium and will convert the value of the remaining Premium time into an account balance for your Business team. This balance will then be used to partially or completely cover your first Business invoice.

I am a startup and need payout partners

We totally understand the struggle and endless search being a startup company.

We have easy and affordable plans to suite the growing needs of your company. We can connect you to payout partners to African Banks and Global Telcos.

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